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Secure your space in a Vivos underground shelter to survive virtually any catastrophe

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Community Shelters
Community Shelters

Vivos has many shelters options and locations to meet your requirements.

Spacious Lounge Areas
Spacious Lounge Areas
Underground Fortresses
Underground Fortresses 
Total Comfort & Security
Total Comfort & Security
Fully Equipped
Fully Equipped

Join Us At The Largest Survival Community On Earth!

Vivos xPoint

An Epic Humanitarian Project The Size Of A City

575 Private Bunkers With Space For Thousands In One Of North America's Safest Locations

Vivos Shelters Are Being Built Worldwide

Our Network is Expanding from Germany to Asia with Space Now Available for Over 10,000 People

Home Banner XPoint
The Largest Survival
Community on Earth
Home Banner Indiana
Private 80 Person
Fully Outfitted Shelter
Home Banner Trine Complex
World's Largest Shelter
With Private Apartments
Home Banner Europa One
Custom Built for
Any Size Group 
What they say about Vivos

The World is Watching

Vivos is featured on thousands of broadcasts.  Everyone wants to know why & how people are preparing.

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